About Us

Dirty Doug’s Essentials is a small batch business making delicious tasting condiments to complement your food.  We use some of the Yarra Valley’s freshest produce sourced directly from farmers we know and suppliers we trust. As a family owned and operated business our values focus on supporting our local community. We exist to create the highest quality of products with no artificial preservatives and additives. 

As a small batch manufacturer, we seasonally source the best quality fruit and vegetables available whilst it is at its seasons peak. Michelle having a European background is-able-to bring an instinctual sensibility to working with character flavours and creating depths of flavour. She is a self-proclaimed perfectionist and is very particular about the quality of what she will sell.

Scott is seventh generation Australian and has grown up on the land so he provides an earthy balance into the business and imparts his family’s old traditional recipes. He is also in charge of smoking our chillies, tomatoes and other ingredients that require the low and slow smokey flavour we incorporate into some of our range.

Together they both share a love of cooking and especially low and slow cooking methods. They are continually working and developing their knowledge base and skills in the culinary world. Dirty Doug’s Essentials places high values on respecting the ingredients and the cooking process to create what is the ‘end-result’, flavoursome condiments, that has the ability to silence a person upon first taste, then transfix them into a glowing smile. We love witnessing these moments as it only fuels the passion and drives the creativity to continue manufacturing our food for all the share.